HostASP eConnect

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HostASP eConnect is a professional and user friendly newsletter subscription services of HostASP. It is categorized into different list to accommodate our email communications aspects of different services. All users by default will be connected to our "eConnect – Announcements" it is so because you do NOT miss any important communications regarding our Active services and products subscribed with us. Following are email subscription lists that can be subscribed or can be un-subscribed directly by you from our website.

eConnect –Announcements:

Announcements lists will be of information circulated about our Active product and services,  this will be more informative to get to know about current status of services and product migration or server update and so on. It is vital to have this subscription enabled for you.

News update related to our company that talks about new product launch, ventures or investments, new services &  achievements

eConnect – Promotions:

This Promotions list will be of interest to the new visitors or prospects or existing customers would like to know about any new product launch promotions, or occasional promotions or discounts on our web hosting  / server services.