Private Memory Allocation and CPU

29 July 2012

Application Pool Private memory and CPU Allocation

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Private Memory and CPU

Find below policy amendment for ASP.NET web hosting plans w.r.t. Memory size and CPU allocation of Application pool.

Private Memory Allocation: 
Deluxe / Premium web hosting Packages allows you to host up to 5 domains and multiple websites, among them a single website within this plan is allowed to utilize maximum of 256 MB private memory / RAM and remaining websites with 120 MB private memory each. The default website will be the website of domain that is specified at the time of placing order. Support Ticket need to be raised to change this default preference. 

Private memory allocation for all other websites will be 120 MB by default, except Deluxe and Starter package.   On Premium / Deluxe Package - a 256 MB private memory and for Starter package 80 MB private memory for a website, all other rest of the websites will get 120 MB by default.

  • Starter Package: 80 MB Private memory per website.
  • Economy Package: 120 MB Private memory per website. 
  • Deluxe Package: 256 MB Private memory for a primary website and rest with 120 MB each. 
  • Reseller Package: 120 MB Private memory per website.

CPU Allocation: 
CPU % allocation for all packages will be same and common for all websites.  Allowed CPU max limit is 40% and not to exceed 90 seconds. Website exceeding this limit will get Application pool recycled automatically. 

Change in Private Memory Size:
If you need change in Private memory there is always a choice for you to change the plan from one to the other, or signup for new plan. It is not possible in our environment for any website to utilize more than 256 MB of private memory, those website need to prefer for dedicated servers / Virtual Private servers.

Change in CPU Allocation:
It is not possible to change or customize CPU allocation policy. It is fixed 40% CPU limit with time bound 90 secs allocated for all shared hosting services.  If more CPU time / allocation is required then we advise you to choose  dedicated web hosting / servers. 

Please do revert to us if you have any queries.

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