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10 November 2012

Emergency Maintenance Activity on 10-Nov-12

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Power supply replacement in DC

Update 11-Nov-12: "Maintenance completed all servers in this DC are fully functional." 

We regret for short notice.

Hyd, Data center update: "As part of our continuous efforts for improvement, we bring to your attention that we have planned a major STS power source activity at 1st floor on 10th November ‘12. The current STS is running on a single power source and the second source is not providing the power to the equipment, we are all geared up to replace the secondary power source during this activity, equipment will be completely shut down.

After this activity of replacing the STS we will be able to run the STS on dual power source and sustain even if one power source fails."

This will have impact few ASP.NET hosting plans and VPS clients in India Hyd, due to downtime of servers in this location. Affected client will receive email from our system about the status of this maintenance process.

- Expected downtime not to exceed more than 3 hrs.

Thank you for your understanding

Maintenance Window: 7:30 Hours

Time Slot: 23:00 Hrs to 06:30 Hrs (IST)

Downtime: 3 Hours.

Date: 10th Nov’12 to 11th Nov’12


23 September 2012

.NET Framework 4.5 Installation

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.NET Framework 4.5

We will be installing .NET Framework 4.5 on our servers in next few days starting from 10/03 - 10/06. .NET framework 4.5 Installation is an In-Place upgrade of 4.0 to 4.5 and NOT a side-by-side installation, it actually replaces entire .NET Framework 4.0 all its assemblies with 4.5 .NET Framework version DLLs.

The websites on our servers that are currently targeted to run on 4.0 should just work fine on 4.5 Framework.  To migrate your websites to .NET 4.5 Framework all you would do is - open up your projects in Visual studio and target its platform to .NET 4.5 Framework.  

If you need any further information or support, you could contact us through tickets or Microsoft .Net forums. We will be to help you working with ASP.NET 4.5 Team of Microsoft to resolve any of issues if faced w.r.t 4.5 upgrade. Please do refer to below links for more information about .NET Framework version 4.5 installation and migration.


01 September 2012

SQL Services for Win10, Win12 is up

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SQL Services are UP and running

SQL services for Win10 and Win12 servers are up and running you will be able to create new databases and users in your account, we have restored most of all databases from the crash. If you find any issues or queries or may have current backup for restore or anything regarding this restore process, please do contact support through Tickets. Detailed information and exceptions can read further in below related article.  Thank you for your cooperation.

29 August 2012

SQL services for Win10, Win12 is down

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MS SQL server and MySQL server is down.

We recently found windows 2008 OS corrupted on a server holding MS SQL server and MySQL server services. We are working on this to restore this server as early as possible. We will keep you posted of this restoration process.

22 August 2012

Web server Migration Win11 India server - Extended

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Web server Migration

This is to let you all know that the restore process of moving Win11 server to a new server did not work out as planned earlier and it actually complicated with some issue.  We are re-working on this, will be moving the server Today 22/08/2012. In due course of transfer process few web services including SQL service may get affected. I thank you for your patience.  

We will keep you posted here in this Blog Topic.

16 August 2012

Web server Migration Win11 India server

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Web server Migration

Server Migration “Win11” Web hosting India 
Duration: 16-08-2012 - 17-08-2012

We are moving Win11 India server to new high end hardware, as the software requirements and capacity demands we would need to migrate Win11 server to a new hardware. If your website is hosted on this server then you might experience intermittent downtime of 10 – 15 mins while the transfer is in progress. We expect this process to be completed on or before 17-08-2012 4 PM IST.

Thank you for your cooperation,  if you have any queries please do revert us.