SQL services for Win10, Win12 is down

29 August 2012

SQL services for Win10, Win12 is down

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MS SQL server and MySQL server is down.

We recently found windows 2008 OS corrupted on a server holding MS SQL server and MySQL server services. We are working on this to restore this server as early as possible. We will keep you posted of this restoration process.

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  • Ramadoss


    30 August 2012 at 03:30 |
    The issue was hard disk recovery failure and OS corrupted. We were able to get the SQL databases from backup for all websites except MySQL dump of Economy web hosting plans. OS reload is completed. All MS SQL databases will soon be restored, migrated from SQL server 2008 to SQL server 2008 R2 while the restore is in process.

    1) If you find your website is OFFLINE, we request you to login immediate to your panel.hostasp.net -> select the domain and disable and enable the DNS. 2) If you find your website is NOT connecting to MS SQL or MySQL database this is because your DB may still be in the process of restoration.

    I will keep you posted here with further updates.
  • Ramadoss


    31 August 2012 at 04:34 |
    We were able to restore all most all of MS SQL and MySQL databases. There are few exceptions we were not able to recover. 1) Recently created databases that are not present in backup store. We first see if could be recovered from Physical file on all cases 2) MySQL Databases of Economy plan on separate store backup had failed.

    To restore it to a latest state of database, we would recommend you to restore from your DB dump or backup of your Local copy. We will be able to restore DB to a state as of 08/12 if not recovered from Physical copy (08/28).

    Regarding Database backup: We do regular backup from our side and is scheduled once a week and month. Though we do backup, you may not find the latest version, it is to back you up with data on emergency case only. It is client onus to maintain bi-weekly or daily back up of your databases in your local client machine. (do regular backup and regularly clean up your recurring backup files in your hosting space and make a copy of it in your local machine, remove the copy from our server).

    If you need urgent assistance or may any issues related to this DB restore process, please raise ticket and mention – Subject with “DB restoration” – to prioritize the issue.

    NB: With this server and DB restore – All MS SQL databases are now in MS SQL 2008 R2 and MySQL databases in MySQL 5.5.24 server. Backward compatibility is always there in despite of this if you find any code depreciations you may need to refer to related manual of above version from source websites.

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