Web server Migration Win11 India server

16 August 2012

Web server Migration Win11 India server

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Web server Migration

Server Migration “Win11” Web hosting India 
Duration: 16-08-2012 - 17-08-2012

We are moving Win11 India server to new high end hardware, as the software requirements and capacity demands we would need to migrate Win11 server to a new hardware. If your website is hosted on this server then you might experience intermittent downtime of 10 – 15 mins while the transfer is in progress. We expect this process to be completed on or before 17-08-2012 4 PM IST.

Thank you for your cooperation,  if you have any queries please do revert us.


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  • Rama moorthy

    Rama moorthy

    16 August 2012 at 13:17 |
    Dear HostAsp..
    I need all my customers to be redirected to my Dropbox secured server ..
    is this possible .?
    if it is possible please redirect to
    https: //dl. dropbox.com/u/73281613/ED%20Right%20now/Easy%20Downloads.htm
    http: //www. EasyDownloads.us/
    • Ramadoss


      16 August 2012 at 13:30 |

      Yes, it is possible "Option 1:" If you could update A record. Login to your hosting control panel, you will see DNS editor of this domain. (Change the A record pointing to IP of these websites - if supported ) If you cannot do this method by Updating A record then "Option 2:" Domain Forwarding is the alternate option. For this feature to be enabled you will need to reset to default name server in your Client Area and then use Domain forwarding feature. This will take 12 -24 hrs by then our transfer would get completed). I suggest the best way of doing this is Option 1. If not possible then Option 2. ( If you have not registered domain with us then you would need to do DNS forwarding with your current domain registrar)

      If you need further information. Please contact support. Login to your Client area and raise the Ticket.

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