ASP.NET Hosting Control Panel & Mail Server is Offline

Issued has been Fixed within the time frame. Thank you for your cooperation.We are fixing up a critical issue on one of our hosting control panel server. It will take about 2 - 3 hours time to resume on-line. Following are the  services  affected.1. Mail server.2. ASP.NET hosting control panel. ... Read More »

25th Jul 2012
Win10 US Location Web server issue.

Dear All,

We are having some problem on our Win10 US location Web server.  We are working on it.

Update: Server is now Fully functional.

14th Jun 2012
Hardware upgrade on our Web Server win11

We had planned for hardware upgrade on our Web Server "win11" on 04-Jun-2012. This would ensure performance improvement and high fidelity on our ASP.NET hosting India servers.  Upgrade window: 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM IST. Max duration not to exceed 45 MINS.   04-June-2012: This upgrade has been postponed. We will post revised schedule.   Read More »

3rd Jun 2012
DC Maintenance - UPS upgrade.

As part of continuous efforts for improvement, we bring to your attention that Mumbai DC had planned a major UPS upgrade activity for our MMR01 this Saturday, 2nd June 12. During this task, you may find the Lin11 server offline. Maintenance Window: 8 Hours Time Slot: 2200 to 0600 Downtimes: Twice for each source for 20 Minutes First ... Read More »

2nd Jun 2012
Hardware upgrade on win10 web server USA

Completed: We had planned for Memory upgrade on win10 Windows web server US location. Schedule window: 9:00 AM CST - 12:00 PM CST. Date: 06/01/2012. We expect upgrade process to be completed within 30 mins. You will find downtime during this time frame. We will post further update here..   Update: Hardware upgrade is been rescheduled to ... Read More »

1st Jun 2012
One of our USA location Web server is Offline

Dear All, We are working on one of our US location web server for security update. While applying service pack The server went Offline and It did return back to normal state but NOT on internet. It has got some issue appearing on internet / public network. All data related to websites are safe and we are working server to make it available on ... Read More »

22nd May 2012
Hardware Upgrade ASP.NET Web hosting India

Dear All, We had planned a hardware upgrade on our ASP.NET hosting India Servers today 28/03/2012 at 11:00 PM IST. Total down time will be less than 20 mins. All domains / websites using and as name servers are affected during this period.  If you have any queries please contact support.--- Server Upgrade ... Read More »

28th Mar 2012
Happy Holi

Wish you all Happy Holi - enjoy the festival of colors

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8th Mar 2012
FrontPage Extension Installed.

FrontPage extension on win10 is completed.

28th Feb 2012