FrontPage Extension Installed.

FrontPage extension on win10 is completed.

28th Feb 2012
Adding FrontPage extension on ASP.NET Web server win10.

We are adding FrontPage extension features on web server win10

This may bring your website offline for short period of time. This may affect your website if your hosting space resides on this server.

Thank you for your cooperation.

~HostASP Mgmt


28th Feb 2012
Critical update on ASP.NET web hosting USA servers

There is a crtical patch been applied on USA ASP.NET web hosting servers.

Expected time to complete this patch update is 1 hr. Please stand by for further updates.

Your website may go offline during this patch update process.

Update:  Patch Applied -  All websites on these servers are restored to function Normal.

28th Feb 2012
Hardware Maintenance ASP.NET Web hosting USA

We had planned for hardware Maintenance today on US Web hosting services.

Find more details here

25th Feb 2012