Win10 US Location Web server issue.

Dear All,

We are having some problem on our Win10 US location Web server.  We are working on it.

Update: Server is now Fully functional.

14th Jun 2012
Hardware upgrade on our Web Server win11

We had planned for hardware upgrade on our Web Server "win11" on 04-Jun-2012. This would ensure performance improvement and high fidelity on our ASP.NET hosting India servers.  Upgrade window: 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM IST. Max duration not to exceed 45 MINS.   04-June-2012: This upgrade has been postponed. We will post revised schedule.   Read More »

3rd Jun 2012
DC Maintenance - UPS upgrade.

As part of continuous efforts for improvement, we bring to your attention that Mumbai DC had planned a major UPS upgrade activity for our MMR01 this Saturday, 2nd June 12. During this task, you may find the Lin11 server offline. Maintenance Window: 8 Hours Time Slot: 2200 to 0600 Downtimes: Twice for each source for 20 Minutes First ... Read More »

2nd Jun 2012
Hardware upgrade on win10 web server USA

Completed: We had planned for Memory upgrade on win10 Windows web server US location. Schedule window: 9:00 AM CST - 12:00 PM CST. Date: 06/01/2012. We expect upgrade process to be completed within 30 mins. You will find downtime during this time frame. We will post further update here..   Update: Hardware upgrade is been rescheduled to ... Read More »

1st Jun 2012