Getting Started with cPanel Hosting (New Customers)

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Getting Started with cPanel Hosting (New Customers)

Sandy on Thursday, August 11 2011, 11:55 AM
Getting Started for New Customers - cPanel Linux Hosting

Welcome to HostASP.

HostASP is committed to providing reliable and affordable web hosting services with top notch 24/7 customer support. Whether you are looking for personal web site hosting or businesses hosting or to start your own hosting company HostASP is the right choice for you.

Please go through following documentation before you using cPanel Hosting services of HostASP.

We assume that you have purchased a cPanel Linux hosting plan and received our welcome email with your account credentials and DNS server information. If you have not received welcome email with login credentials please contact our support immediately.

Follow the steps below to setup your website at HostASP.

STEP #1: POINT YOUR DOMAIN DNS TO OUR SERVERS ( Updating right Name Servers )

Before pointing your domain DNS to our servers, You need to collect Primary Name server and Secondary Name server address provided in your web hosting plan welcome email.

You can choose a option to update domain DNS.


If you registered your domain with HostASP and purchased a hosting plan your nameservers have already been set.

To ensure this, login to your billing manager at"> with your registered email and password.

[li]Click on "Domains" tab (link on TOP bar) right before the language option bar.[/li]
[li]Then select the required domain name and on right side you would see Management Tools of domain.[/li]
[li]Now click on Nameservers and you would see Page launched for Nameserver update.[/li]
[li]Enter Primary Name Server in First box and Secondary Name Server in second Box.[/li]
For Example : DNS1.HOSTASP.ORG, DNS2.HOSTASP.ORG ( Apply your name servers as per welcome email )
[li]Then click on "Save Changes" button and logout[/li]


Note: You would need to wait 24-48 hrs for your domain DNS information propagation.


You need to update your domain DNS at your registrar site. Please contact your domain registrar and give DNS information provided in your welcome email so that your registrar can update DNS on your domain.

Note: You need to wait 24-48 hrs for your domain DNS info propagation.


Make sure that your updated domain DNS and propagated as per Step 1 before proceeding further.

You can access your domain cPanel using following different URL's

You will be asked to enter your username and password which you can find in your welcome email.

You could also refer this information directly from billing control panel. Select the Linux hosting tab on top bar and click on the Linux hosting plan, this will list Service Management options as a right side menu. Now click on login details to reveal your cPanel login credentials.

Once you login to control panel you can create email accounts, sub domains and MySql Databases etc.

To learn about cPanel features please see our knowledge base at

Note: Replace with your actual domain name.


To publish your website (upload the files from your local computer) to your account/server, you need to use some sort of uploading software.

There are many options available. Here are a few options:

A. FTP Software (Filezilla, WS_FTP, CuteFTP, FlashFXP )

You can download and install on your computer from following links

Before uploading through your FTP software requires following details.

-- FTP SERVER NAME : or Server IP ( located in the welcome email )

-- USERNAME : Your control panel username

-- PASSWORD : Your password

-- UPLOAD DIRECTORY : public_html

Your home page must be placed in the "public_html" directory and must be named "index.htm" or index.html. This is the Default file that the server looks for when someone types your URL: in their Web browser.

B. Microsoft FrontPage (

If you designed your site Microsoft Front Page you can directly publish using Front page.

To upload to your site, you need to know these few things:

-- FRONTPAGE SITE : (See Notes Below)

-- FRONTPAGE USERNAME : Your control panel user name

-- PASSWORD : Password

*Note: FrontPage will not work until your domain DNS propagated to our server. It may take 24- 48 hrs for full DNS propagation after you update your DNS.

C. cPanel File Manager

You can also upload files using cpanel File Manager.

1) Login to cpanel ( )

2) Click on File Manager Icon

3) You can see list of files and folders.

4) Click on "public_html" folder icon to open files in that folder.

5) Upload files to that folder using "upload files" link

For any further help open helpdesk ticket at or send an email to support at
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