How to setup a MySql database

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How to setup a MySql database

Marc Thomann (Guest) on Monday, December 10 2012, 09:44 AM
Dear colleagues

I am setting up my application.

Currently it is running on my local machien but I need to host it and I choosed your platform as hoster.

How do I setup my database? I would like to export the database on my machine and to import it again on the server.
I am using your panel but it only allows me to create a database and a user but I do not see a way to manage my database?!
When I checked the documentation I found some words about cpanel. What is that and how can I access it?

Thank you in advance.


    Replied by Jacob on Monday, December 10 2012, 02:41 PM · Hide · #1
    First thing you will need is to identify your SQL server associated with your hosting space.
    ( Applicable on Windows hosting Plan)

    Login to your hosting control panel ->> select the menu item name "spaces" on right side of the page,select space name(package name) listed on this page and now you would see "View Space Summary" click on this link to see your space details that include information MS SQL, MySQL server name and all related information about your hosting space.

    Now just type this MySQL server-name in your web browser. - Login with your SQL user credentials. This is a phpmyadmin you will get options to manage your databases that also include provision for import and export of data. In your case export SQL data from your local DB as SQL scripts and import using above phpmyadmin.

    I assume you have already created MySQL db and user in your space -
    Technical specialist HostASP
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